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Comment submitted by Jonathan

I'm curious about this too. How do my fellow dfichain users maximize their LM rewards? Is it really worth it to swap between pools to maximize your portion of a single pool?

I mean you also have to consider the growth of the coins you are pairing DFI with.

Do you spread out your risk between the liquidity pools? Do you put as much DFI as possible in a single pool? I'm curious to hear people's theories.

Comment submitted by Jonathan

Wait what... no coins have perfect correlation to each other. It's pretty reasonable to expect that a newer project like defichain won't be exactly in line with BTC price action.

Actually, it's impressive that the price has either been generally stable, or has been slowly growing. It's still an inflationary currency and DFI is still growing. Block rewards are slowly being reduced.

DFI is growing. TLV in the dex, LM pools, and staking is growing at a strong pace. The team has been hard at work and hitting every one of their goals on the roadmap.

I will agree with the comment made concerning the listing on coingecko etc. Defichain team is working hard on the growth of their platform and developing more use cases.

The one area they are lacking on is advertising/hype. That's why DFI is my hidden gem. It's still a great time to buy.

If you want to help do your part in advertising DFI you can head over to. Earn extra DFI. [](

Comment submitted by ConsequenceSoggy8651

There is a basic understanding of decentralized finance you need to learn then.

Right now it's primary function is to provide liquidity. The roadmap shows how they plan to run out a full defi suite of products adding more utility to the coin.

Imo the most important factor about dfi is that it leverages the security of the btc blockchain while also keeping transaction fees low.

Many products in defi either have one or the other. Some both, but don't have the time tested framework that the btc blockchain provides which is a risk in itself.

Comment submitted by ConsequenceSoggy8651 (Jonathan)

Honestly, if I knew where to start, I'd give up my 9-5 and work for defichain full time.

If it's within my capabilities, I would love to do the work. I'm so passionate about crypto. I spend as more time researching and such than I do at my normal job.

Seriously, if the dev team wants to put me to work, I promise I'll be the best damn salesperson you got :)

@geearf thanks for the vote of confidence. I see you around the socials and such for defichain too. I appreciate the effort you put in as well.

When I first started working with crypto I learned the hard lessons most of us do early on. Defi on Eth was unfeasible to the avg investor because the fees were just too damn high. So I looked to other blockchains. At the time Binance Smart Chain was really the only other option. Basically a carbon copy of Ethereum, just more centralized. Because it was centralized it was able to suck up ALL THE RETAIL INVESTOR spillover that Etheruem was unable to handle at that point in time.

WHY ISN'T THIS RETAIL SPILLOVER GOING TO DEFICHAIN?!?! It just doesn't make sense to me. Whole ecosystems are being built on these new layer 2 solutions when in actuality defichain is already a couple steps ahead of the rest.

It has a time tested, open-sourced and decentralized platform being a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. This largely reduces any coding risk being that it has been so thoroughly tested and the most decentralized.

It's second major advantage is that it is able to keep transaction fees low. Most defi platforms are either cheap to use or safe and decentralized. Defichain has both.

Essentially my question is this - since we clearly have better fundamentals and an already time-tested proven security why does Defichain not have devs knocking at its door trying to build alongside defichain like many of these others do? Being a simple fork of the "gold of crypto (BTC)" how is it not listed on more exchanges?

There are so many retail investors lining up for these new solutions that are really untested, unproven and their coins are skyrocketing in price. They have huge social media following and ad campaigns. Why? Because there are tons of retail investors like you or me that realize that (disclaimer i do hold eth) Etheruem gas fees are too high for the average investor to use. They are actively searching for a secure, decentralized platform that is cheap to use, and functions more or less like what they are used to. Some sort of phone application. That's it.

I really feel Defichain has all the hard work already done. We literally just need to put it's name out there for people to see, just a little polish. If they just do a little research on their part we will start gaining quite a bit of Ethereums spillover. Use that capital & gain momentum to fully implementing a full decentralized suite. We should be the go-to choice for app developers and retail investors because we have all the advantages.

They just need to know it.

I really feel this action must be taken asap for defichain to reap the most potential. While most secondary solutions behind Eth aren't fully in place. This is the time for Defichain to solidify it's position.

Post submitted by Jonathan

$DFI is my largest bag for a couple of reasons. It's the safest/most affordable DeFi platform for the average investor, and the returns are so good that it allows me to slowly invest in other smaller projects. 💸 It's naturally DCA'ing haha 😄

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